Washing Machine Cleaning Service Brunei

At WonderKlean, we’ve got your back when it comes to keeping your washing machine in perfect working order!
Our washing machine cleaning service is like a spa day for your trusty laundry companion, helping to prevent pesky mould and mildew buildup, and keeping it running like a champ.

Using our top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to scrub away all the gunk, you can rest assured that your machine will start smelling as fresh as a daisy and continue functioning like a brand, new unit.

So what are you waiting for? Keep your washing machine happy and healthy with WonderKlean – it’ll be like love at first clean again!

1 Brush + 3 Washes + 130°C Sterilisation

Keep Your Washing Machine Wonderfully Clean!
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Professional Service Team

Powered by a professionally trained and fully equipped 2,000-strong CUCKOO+ Service Team to provide the best service.

Complete Procedure

A meticulous 2-step S.O.P. that includes inspecting, dismantling, cleaning, sterilisation, and reassembling to cover 14 checkpoints.

WonderKlean Washing Machine Cleaning Service Packages



BND 80

Terms & conditions apply
Available for home users only

* Service duration may vary depending on the type and model of the air conditioner.



Simply applying detergent and using the auto clean function may not be able to sufficiently clean the enclosed parts of your washing machine, such as the tub cover, inner tub, pulsator, outside drum and drum filter.

  • When it has been in use for more than 12 months
  • When it has noticeable stains
  • When it has a peculiar or musty odour
  • When it fails to completely clean the laundry
  • When it leaves debris after every wash
  • If it is often left closed and wet
  • 1+3 Procedure: hand brushing, hand washing, snow washing, high-pressure washing
  • 130°C Sterilisation
  • A service checklist and an e-certificate

WonderKlean Washing Machine Cleaning Service can be conducted on most Top Load washing machines.

Highly unlikely as our cleaning agent has a near-neutral pH level.

Our steam sterilisation ranges between 100°C – 130°C to ensure microbes are eliminated.

We highly recommend consumers service their washing machine once a year.

No. Our cleaning agent is non-irritating to the skin with a near-neutral pH level of 7.5 (±0.5), but please seek medical advice from a dermatologist if skin irritation occurs.

No. Our cleaning service covers the washing machine drum and body only.

Service Conduct

Please ensure that there is sufficient space for us to dismantle the washing machine, and there is no fragile item in the surrounding area. Depending on your house layout, we will conduct the cleaning process in the washroom or at the car porch once we have dismantled the washing machine.

Yes. We will clean up the place once the cleaning process is complete.

You must supervise while we inspect your washing machine’s condition before the cleaning process. You are free to leave once inspection is complete.

Your Washing machine will be thoroughly cleaned with our 1+3 cleaning procedure that includes hand brushing, hand washing, snow washing, and high-pressure washing.

No. Our CUCKOO+ Service Team will thoroughly inspect your washing machine before cleaning and after cleaning it. We will ensure your washing machine is in working order before leaving the premises.

Customers are required to contact a technician if any issues arise after the cleaning service.