Air Purifier Natural Care Service

CUCKOO’s air purifiers eliminates up to 99.95% of dust in the air through its technology and advanced filtering system. To preserve the performance of each machine, CUCKOO’s Natural Care Service team visits each CUCKOO user every 4 months to conduct the checkpoint system for your peace of mind.

Air Filter Replacement Schedule

4 months

Harmful Gas Filter

12 months

Deodorisation Filter

12 months

4-IN-1 Ultra PM 2.5 Filter

Check List

Natural Care Service Visit

Filter replacement every 4 months


Customised and professional service

NCS 12-Point Check

Ensure each part is
clean and well-maintained

1. Remove the back cover

2. Remove the filter(s) and ensure there are no dust particles

3. Change the necessary filters

4. Wipe the air purifier thoroughly

5. Update records on the service card

Price List

Service Price (Per Year)

Cuckoo B Model

Outright $190.00
Easypay $16.00

Cuckoo C Model

Outright $190.00
Easypay $16.00

Cuckoo C+ Model

Outright $190.00
Easypay $16.00

Cuckoo D Model

Outright $280.00
Easypay $24.00

Cuckoo R Model

Outright $190.00
Easypay $16.00

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