Kitchen & Others Natural Care Service

As the first induction cooking hob that comes with an after-sales service in the market, CUCKOO meticulously ensure every cooking hob is maintained through periodical servicing every 4 months. The service, conducted by CUCKOO’s Natural Care Service team ensures each part of the induction hob is maintained.

Check List

Natural Care Service Visit

Every 4 months


Customised and professional service

NCS 8-Point Check

Ensure each part is clean and well-maintained

Additional Care Service

Steam sterilisation for chopping board and sink

1. Prepare the steamer and hygiene kit

2. Remove any stain from the surface using the scraper

3. Using the Induction cleaner, wipe the surface thoroughly

4. Check the temperature of all craters

5. Sterilise the pots

6. Update records on the service card

Price List

Service Price (Per Year)

Cuckoo Inductrio

Outright $250.00

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